Civilian Defense Concepts, LLC

5 Session Rifle Fundamentals course

Based on principles from the NRA Basics of Rifle class, the CDC Rifle Fundamentals course will get you familiar with both Bolt Action and Semi Auto action (like the AR-15 platform) rifles.

First lesson is a non-firing lesson.  Subsequent lessons cover fundamentals of rifle shooting such as rifle parts, stance, aiming, and trigger control.  Other topics such as loading and unloading will be covered as well.

Lesson Fee includes firearm. However, if you have your own firearms, we will integrate your firearm into the lesson.  

Lesson fee of $500 also includes .22 ammunition, eye and ear protection, gun rentals and targets.

Ammo larger than .22 caliber and outdoor range fees are additional (if appropriate/needed).


Number of lessons can be customized to your individual needs.