Civilian Defense Concepts, LLC is a security consulting and educational organization.

We are staffed by current and former security professionals, current and former law enforcement officers, and current and former military personnel, all with extensive experience both domestically and internationally.

Services we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • NRA Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun instruction
  • NRA Home Firearms Safety
  • NRA “Refuse to be a Victim” instruction
  • NRA Range Safety Officer certification
  • Non-NRA firearms instruction
  • Defensive Firearms Courses
  • Specialized youth and women oriented firearms instruction
  • Firearms and accessories purchasing consultation
  • UTAH Concealed Carry Permit classes
  • Certified Munio instruction
  • Hand to Hand combat training
  • Practical, Edged Weapons training 

Who/What is Civilian Defense Concepts?

Civilian Defense Concepts, LLC