Civilian Defense Concepts, LLC

LEO/Military Preparatory/Remediation course

Are you or a family member joining the military (boot, basic, AIT), attending a service academy, or attending a law enforcement academy (municipal, county or federal)?  

Do you want a leg up on all of the competition?  

Our preparatory program will teach  you basic firearms fundamentals on long guns and pistols. This program helps build your proficiency and allows you to attend these schools and be familiar with the firearms training and will supplement and enhance the training you will receive by setting you up for success with a strong foundation.  Graduates from our program have placed in the top 5% of their classes. 

Are you an existing LEO, Mil, Fed employee that needs to brush up on your firearms skills?  Our LEO/Military Preparatory/Remediation course to help you build and refine your skills.

Existing shooters have seen reduction in shot group sizes ranging from 50% to over 100%. Results may not be guaranteed nor typical but we have seen improvement across the board.

Our typical preparatory program is a two phase program that involves a 10 Session program coupled with our Defensive Firearms series.

Programs our custom tailored to each client and their uilitmate goal.