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​With the closing of French Creek Outfitters and the current "Pandemic" response, this program is unavailable in this form.  It is currently being offered on an individual basis with a blended learning program from Distributed Security Inc..   Please contact us for individual, custom programs.

Introduction to Defensive Firearms 1: 

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Firearms (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun)

Course Description:

  • Course can be completed with either Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun. Must use SAME platform for the entire class
  • Introduction to the defensive mindset
  • Physical and psychological effects of defensive firearms use
  • Navigating the legal landscape and social ramifications
  • Interacting with law enforcement
  • Practicing the correct, safe draw stroke and firearms presentation
  • Executing emergency and tactical reloads
  • Shooting controlled pairs and "Stop Shots"
  • Combining shooting, movement and shooting behind barriers
  • Defensive techniques with Rifle (pistol caliber only) and Shotguns (slugs only)


  • Course held at French Creek Outfitters ins Phoenixville, PA
  • Shotguns (Slugs only) and Pistol Caliber rifles are welcome! (contact us for clarification)
  • Cost $300 paid at the gun counter or at the range counter ($150 deposit at reservation)
  • Instruction, range time, and targets included
  • Space is Limited 10 openings per class


  • Firearm (available for rental fee if needed) with a minimum of 2 magazines
  • Gun belt and hard sided IWB or OWB holster or concealment purse (if participating in concealed carry)
  • NO locking holsters (ie. SERPA) or soft holsters (Like Uncle Mikes)
  • Minimum of 300 rounds of brass cased ammunition (pistol/rifle); 150 low recoil shotgun slugs needed if using a shotgun to take the class
  • Electronic hearing protection, eye protection, and a hat
  • Firearm proficiency evaluation (90% on paper at 5 yards)

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