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We recommend USCCA Platinum level membership which includes their highest level of insurance. Your second call after 911 should be to USCCA. They offer coverage up to $1.12 MILLION.  They will find you legal representation and cover your legal fees.  There are no deductables, no reimbrusements, and no out-of-pocket costs to you or your family.

We recommend and us U. S. Law Shield's Firearms Legal Defense Program.  US Law Shield provides coverage immediately after a critical incident and can have a lawyer onsite to your incident.  U. S. Law Shield also covers incidents where the firearm is not discharged AND if any other means of self-defense is used.  The program also provides for coverage is there is a negligent or accidental discharge.

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We recommend the services of LEGAL SHIELD for COMPREHENSIVE Legal Coverage.  If you are looking for coverage that is over and above Defensive Gun use, take a look at the Legal Shield Program.  For a yearly cost of less than 1 hour of a lawyer's time, you can get comprehensive legal coverage for all aspects of your life.  Remember, protecting you and your family is more than just the tool that is in your hand.

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