10 session COMPREHENSIVE Pistolcraft Program 

Please check out the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CDCLLC/.  It's a public page so no need to be a member of Facebook to view the page.  Please review the "customer results" photo album. A majority of those folks went through this 10 lesson program.

This is the class that nets the BEST results for most shooters and will turn most shooters into "Really good" shooters.

These are 50 minutes sessions. First class will consists of teaching you the "thumbs forward grip" with Isosceles stance.  Lessons 2-5 will continue to hone your pistol shooting skills and mechanics (ambidextrously).  These lessons are done with a .22. 

At around Lesson 5, we will start introducing "full caliber" firearms into the lessons, if appropriate.  If you have your own firearm, at this point, we would integrate your own firearm into these sections.

One of the later lessons can be a "gun research" lesson where we rent several firearms out of the rental case to allow you side by side comparisons (aiding in your purchase decision). 

By the end of the 10 sessions, you will be learning a few techniques that will lay the foundation for you to be able to take our "Introduction to Defensive Firearms" series of self defense courses.  Please note, non-.22 ammo is not included in the course.  By the end of the course you will be fully prepared to step into our Defensive Firearms courses.    

Lessons are held at French Creek Outfitters.  We like to schedule them the same time each week

Class fee INCLUDES: range time, eye and ear protection, targets, gun rentals, and all .22 ammunition.  Pricing is $65/person/session. If you want to take this course with another person, the class goes to $60/person/session.

If you're doing the lessons with Instructor Kyle,  Replace the above numbers with $70, $60, (for the 5 session course: single vs multiple person) 
If you're doing the lessons with Instructor Kimberly,  Replace the above numbers with $60, $55, (for the 5 session course: single vs multiple person)

*Students with a TDS membership will receive a 10% discount.

This page is for Historical REFERENCE ONLY.

​With the closing of French Creek Outfitters and the current "Pandemic" response, this program is unavailable in this form.  Please contact us for individual, custom programs.

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